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ExperienceCare immunized-certified pharmaicst will provide:

Vaccines (7 years of age or older)           **No Prescription Required**

*Influenza; Walk-ins welcome

Vaccines (14 years of age or older)         **No Prescription Required**




*Hep B or Hep A/B

*Tdap or TD



Billing Support 

* Most insurances will cover vaccines

* Timely processing 

Patient Education & Support Services

* Schedule a one on one session to discussus necessary vaccines

* Get recommended immunizations based on your history and age guidelines from the CDC.

* Corporate on site CARE Flu clinic available for your employees. Call for more details.

We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare, so you're only responsible for your insurance co-pay.


Call us today to make an appointment 713-524-3330

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