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HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices


Experience our Care Services:

Refill Reminders

* If you forget we won't

* No need to call in or drop off refills

* We'll contact your Doctor ahead of time when you're out of refills

* We'll notify you know when your refill(s) are ready for pick up


If Refill Reminders are not for you, you are welcome to call our pharmacy or request a refill on line 24 hours a day.

Request your refill today


It's that easy...we want to help simplify your day to day!

Delivery Service*

* Same day delivery for special need requirements

* Mail solutions provided 

Dispose My Meds

* We welcome you to speak to one of our Pharmacists on how to store, use, and dispose of your medication(s) properly.

Benefits and CoPay Assistance

* There are Drug Company–Sponsored Patient Assistance Programs and numerous CoPay Coupons.  If one is available we will assist you in obtaining assistance.

Insurance Management

* We facilitate Prior Authorization coordination with your physician using "CoverMyMeds" to expedite approvals; therefore medications are at home with you and not pending at the pharmacy. 

HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices

Call today we are here to help!


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